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Welcome! I am a licensed Social Worker who graduated from Barry University, and I have been working in mental health since 2001. I have experience with individuals, families, and couples from very diverse backgrounds. I also work very closely with parents and their children (between the ages of 0-5) working through parental stress, time management, as well as postpartum depression. I am an adjunct professor for a couple different universities as well.


My specialty is in guiding those who are struggling through eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and grief.  I have worked in the substance abuse field as a therapist and a clinical director.  Currently I am in private practice.  Please reach out for more information!


Tamara Gorfine-Petrelli, LCSW



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Hi there! I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I can fluently read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish.  I have been working with young females ages 11 to 17 who have problems with trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and anger. However, I would like the opportunity to work with all teenagers and adults.


I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help my clients identify their problems and learn from their past. Sometimes looking at your past and dealing with it can be very beneficial even if it is painful at times.


I use person-centered therapy to build trust and rapport with my clients. Trust is very important, because without it (in both parties) a healthy therapeutic relationship cannot be developed, therefore progress cannot be made.  I look forward to working with you; please do not hesitate to contact us. Bienvenidos!

Rosa Singletary, LMHC



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Hello! I am a mother of two wonderful adult children. In late summer (2022), I will become a grandmother for the first time! In 2008, I joined the United States Army as a Captain. I worked with thousands of soldiers and their families performing therapy. In 2010 I deployed to Mosul, Iraq, and served treatment on thousands of soldiers. In my career I have worked in a hospital, school, prison, and in The United States Army.

My approach to therapy includes humanistic, psychodynamic, and trauma-based treatments. You will find me exceptionally warm and compassionate. In my years working at the Vet Center, I have worked with many veterans suffering from PTSD. I am very comfortable with trauma treatment.

Clients value a therapist who will guide them into personal growth and development. I won't tell you what to do, but I will aid in your ability to take away tools to solve your problems. You will find a wealth of support, allowing you to grow and change; feel free to reach out!

Robin Demasi, LCSW




I strongly believe that our experiences shape our perspectives and influence how we move through our lives. Having the individual human being in mind and considering their unique social, cultural, economic, and spiritual experiences and how they have impacted their lives and mental health, I acknowledge that within each client lies inherent strengths to draw from towards healing and growth. My goal is to help each client discover and build upon those strengths. As a therapist is to provide a safe therapeutic environment to establish a collaborative relationship with which we can work together through a tailored, integrated approach.

We will practice grounding and relaxing activities that will help you regulate your own emotions and have more control over your feelings. I work with issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, grief and loss, family issues, and mood regulation.

I begin each new therapeutic relationship by inviting individuals to tell me their story. I honor and respect the courage it takes to be vulnerable and open up. I treat my clients as equal partners in the process of healing. I encourage you to reach out for a free phone consultation to initiate a conversation about how I can help you and/or your family.


Chelsea Ellinger, MSW

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